J. Sam’s Serves Up A Memorable Charcuterie Board

J. Sam's

J. Sam Daniels, of the eponymous South Park restaurant, knows his wine. But, as any knowledgeable wine or spirits connoisseur knows, sometimes it takes a little more than the liquid itself to excite the fibers of your tastebuds. J. Sam’s charcuterie board was made to ensure that each palate bursts with the flavors from the mixtures of their perfectly-aged wines, roasted and smoked meats, and bold cheeses.

The charcuterie board, one of his many gourmet offerings, presents a diverse array of dairy options, ranging from Spanish Mahon, Red Dragon, Provolone Fiaschetto, and Dolce di Pecoroni cow cheeses to Cocoa Cardona and Gorgonzola Picante goat cheese.

J. Sam Daniels

These hard and soft cheeses are complemented with meats such as duck prosciutto, lomo Americano speck, wild boar salami, and salami gentile. Placed on top of toasted Duke’s Bread baguettes and dolloped with a dot of locally-made jam, J. Sam’s completed board successfully provides the most diverse and tastefully pleasing companion to the savory wines served up in the restaurant.