La Belle Helene’s Tuna Tartare

La Belle Helene
La Belle Helene's Tuna Tartare

First things first: The plating of this dish is so beautiful that I practically feel bad digging into it. But that hesitation quickly dissipates after the first bite; it’s impossible to overstate precisely how much effort went in to making something as simple as tuna tartare become a work of art. The deep pink of the tuna sits surrounded by the bright yellow of lemon confit, while a garden-full of colorful petals are carefully placed on top to create a feast for the eye.

Sweet corn is intermingled with the tartare, and a small amount of popped grain is placed on top for texture as well as intrigue. The flavor is what you expect from something so carefully crafted. Tartare’s taste is based on the preparation of the meat, and with such quality tuna in the hands of La Belle Helene’s kitchen, what was already off-the-charts umami becomes tempered and focused.