A Hanukkah tradition, Sufganiyot• comes our of the heart of Israeli and is the inspiration for the Jelly Doughnut we know and love on a daily basis. 

  2 cups of flour
•  Yeast Packet
•  1/3 Cup of granulated sugar
•  2 Egg yolks
•  1 Cup of milk
•  2 Tbsp of butter
•  1 Cup of jam
•  Salt, Powdered Sugar

In a mixer, mix yeast, sugar, flour and salt. Add milk and egg yolk and on low, mix together for two minutes.

Add the two tablespoons of butter to the mixer and mix on high until creamy. Move the dough to a bowl lined with oil and coat the dough completely. Set aside.

After two hours use roller to roll out dough to a little over a quarter-of-an-inch high. With a two-inch round biscuit cutter, cut out as many doughnut rounds as possible and set on a cooking sheet.

Let dough rise to over a half inch (may take up to one hour set aside).

Heat fryer to 350F and place dough rounds into fryer for one minute or until golden. Remove from fryer and let dough balls cool.

While dough cools, add jam to pastry bag. Cut a small pocket into dough balls with small knife and fill with jam. Sprinkle with powdered sugar and enjoy.