Sushi City: Charlotte’s Top Sushi Restaurants

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It’s always a good sign of things to come when you are greeted by the owner of the establishment as soon as you walk through the door which is what you will typically get when you walk into Yama Asian Fusion in Southpark’’s Morrocroft development. Owner Birdie Yang brings New York city level quality and sophistication to everything from the food to the decor, while also giving patrons that small town feel of your favorite neighborhood restaurant with his hands-on and friendly approach with guests. The quality of the ingredients, attention-to-detail and presentation, along with the sophisticated vibe makes Yama one of the best places for sushi in Charlotte. Who are some of the others? QC Exclusive breaks down the best places to go for sushi, what to order when you get there, and what else you might expect…or not expect. So grab some chopsticks and take a seat because you’’ve got a lot of sushi coming your way.


Centrally located in the heart of Cotswold, this place has something for everyone. It boasts an extensive menu of traditional fine Chinese cuisine, Pad Thai and of course the sushi! Choose from a wide variety of Nigiri to Maki (rolls) and if you are looking for a great value, Koishi will give you the best bang bang for your buck. Some notables are The Cherry Blossom and especially if you are ordering out, be sure to order yourself at least one Hot Lover roll.

New Zealand

This place is a seafood lover’s dream and offers options of both grilled and raw seafood as well as all of the other proteins typically found on a traditional Japanese menu. The best part about this place is the price. At New Zealand Cafe you can really be adventurous and try a little bit of everything from octopus to crab to tuna and eel. If you love Maki, try the Century Roll, Crunchy Tuna roll, or the popular Tiger roll.


Sitting, literally in the center of the city, Enzo has a chic and stylish decor and the same can be said about the sushi. The presentation is fantastic and the rolls are abundant and packed with flavor and personality. Try the Maryland Roll and wash it down with Asian Pear Saketini.


With over 40 specialty rolls to choose from, you can see why Nikko has been one of Charlotte’s most popular sushi restaurants since 1998. Nikko is the pioneer of sushi “lounges” here in Charlotte and created the blueprint for similar concepts to follow. Ambient house music creates a vibrant atmosphere and the colorful and flavorful sushi and cocktails along with the beautiful patrons, vivid lighting, and modern decor make for a stimulating sensory experience.


Their attention-to-detail is incredible from design to service to quality and presentation, and that goes double for their sushi which is some of the highest quality that can be found in Charlotte. In addition to the incredible sushi, they have the best selection of rare (and expensive) Japanese sake and whiskey in the region. If you are not in the mood for sushi they also offer more traditional seared, steamed or hibachi dishes.


This Pineville gem offers an attractive and soothing atmosphere and high quality sushi and entrees at a very reasonable price. If you don’t see your dream roll on the menu, the sushi chef will take custom requests so you are sure to be satisfied. The sashimi is very fresh and The Man Overboard roll combines the best of both land and sea with tuna and filet lightly baked. Oh so yummy! Sky also offers a large variety of menu options aside from the sushi so no matter what kind of mood you’re in it’s hard not to find something that speaks to you.


With its diverse menu and trendy, family-friendly environment, there is no wonder why Sabi is Davidson’s go to sushi restaurant. If you’re joining them for lunch for the first time, make it easy on yourself and order the sushi lunch combo which offers chef’s selection of just about everything you will want to try so you don’t have the painstaking task of actually having to choose from all the great options yourself.


Known for their perpetual buy one roll, get one free deal, Akahana has made a name for themselves when it comes to having some of the best sushi in Charlotte at a value that is hard to beat. Nestled in the corner of a strip mall in Plaza Midwood and offering nightly drink specials, you’re bound to see some regulars a couple times a week. The Crunchy Tuna roll and Volcano roll are can’t miss options. If you have an addictive personality than it’s best not to order the spicy edamame because you are bound to get hooked!

Soul Gastrolounge

Although Soul is typically known for its small plate tapas and amazing cocktails whipped up by their talented bartenders, a little known fact is their sushi is right on par with everything else. It is fresh, flavorful, and carefully constructed. The atmosphere is great but word to the wise, get there early, especially on the weekends because between all of the things that Soul has going for it, people are literally lining up to get in.


How cool is a place that you can go to get gourmet burgers or high quality sushi under the same roof? If you’’ve never been it may sound like a restaurant concept that was created by Dr Frankenstein but the truth is, it works and it’s good! Their rolls are large and very satisfying and their gourmet burgers are as tasty (and messy) as they are inventive. The Boss Roll is one of our personal favorites or get the best of both worlds with their Ultimate “Brento” Bento Boxes which offers a burger and sushi.


Another brainchild from the owners of The Cowfish, this hot-spot is the place to go in Birkdale for amazing sushi. With colorful and immaculate presentations, their rolls are like edible pieces of art. A must try: the Southpark Roll or the fully customizable Bento Box. They even offer a PB&J roll for the kiddos.


Located right in the midst of all the action in 4th Ward’s Metropolitian, there’s a variety of reasons why Pisces has been voted one of Charlotte’s best sushi restaurants since it opened. With Bob the Bartender mixing mind blowing cocktails and the inviting and intimate atmosphere, the menu selection is one to be reckoned with. They also have a $10 sushi bar at lunch Monday through Friday offering anything from Spicy Tuna rolls to the First Love. At the very least you should stop in and see their live jellyfish aquarium just because it’s cool.

Cuisine Malaya

Pulling influences from Thai, Malaysian, Japanese, and Indian, you can choose from a plethora of entrees to meet whatever your taste buds desire. If you’ve been running around all day and skipped lunch this is where you need to go because their sushi lunch specials all under $10 don’t end until 5pm.

Coral Sushi

Coral is considered to be one of Huntersville’s top sushi bars and their rolls have gotten the reputation of being the most flavorful around town. Be sure to grab the Godzilla with spicy tuna, avocado, masago, and scallions deep fried to perfection and drizzled with their delicious sauces that add a kick of spice.

Sushi Star

Also located in Huntersville, with over 60 sushi rolls on the menu and buy one get one free rolls on Wednesdays and Fridays, Sushi Star offers you the affordable opportunity to keep going back until you’ve tried them all!


Southpark has a lot of great Asian Fusion and sushi concepts to choose from and AZN is definitely one of them. While everything here is worth trying, their full sushi bar is one of their best features. Be sure to join them on Sundays for brunch and enjoy everything from sushi to blueberry pancakes. They also have a killer Happy Hour menu with great choices like the Korean Bibimbop Burger and the Shrimp and Avocado Ceviche.