The Grill Masters Weigh In

Grill Masters

With summer in full swing and Father’s Day and July 4th right around the corner it is officially grillin’ season. Know everything you need to know about what grills to buy, what sauces to use, and more from the Charlotte grill masters, Hearth & Patio.

The Marze family has been Charlotte’s go-to source for grills and accessories for over 30 years. Who is The Hearth and Patio’s on sight “Grill Master” who has all the answers?

Scott Marze and Mark Smith! They both have years of grilling experience and like trying new recipes on the grill.

You carry a number of grill brands. What are the differences in each, what are your top sellers and why?

As far as gas grills are concerned it comes down to quality of Stainless steel used (304 is the best grade to prevent rusting.) and warranties. You want as long of a warranty as you can get on burners, cooking grids, and flame tamers. Our Primo, ceramic cooker, stands by itself as it’s the only USA made ceramic cooker, offering an oval grill  and backed by a 20 yr warranty.

What are the majority of customers that come into your stores looking for?

Most are looking for a basic grill without alot of gadgets to cook hamburgers, hot dogs, ribs, and fish while others want a more elaborate grill with searing burners and rotisserie.

Okay, the sky is the limit. What would you suggest and why?

Firemagic by RHPeterson. It’s made of 304 stainless steel pretty much head-to- toe, made in the US and backed by a lifetime warranty on all the important parts.

I have a tiny grilling area but want to grill like a master. What do I buy?

Broilmaster would be a good choice for a gas grill as we build that grill offering 2 sizes, several base options and it can be used with or without shelving. Weber offers a Q series that can be used on a table or a stand making it a great option.

If you could take one grill to the Caribbean, which one would you choose?

Primo  because it is the most versatile – you can grill, slow cook, or bake on it. You would need to use a good quality lump charcoal.

How have grills and grilling changed over the years?

Your basic grills haven’t changed that much through the years, but your high end grills have gotten more elaborate with zone cooking and interior lights. Stainless steels grills have gotten more popular. Broilmaster grills are the oldest grill we carry and the only thing that has changed with them is that they’ve done away with the cast cooking grids and replaced them with stainless. Customers who have had that grill for 20-25 years can still buy parts for them!

What is the newest thing in grills and how is Charlotte embracing it?

Outdoor Kitchen Centers! Having a full outdoor kitchen area including the grill, refrigerator, ice maker, and a sink to wash up are very popular right now. This allows the homeowner to entertain, in the luxury of their own home, their family, friends and co workers. Plus outdoor kitchen centers add value to your home.

You have some incredible sauces and marinades for sale. Which do you recommend for each of the various meats or vegetables. What is your top sauce and/or marinade seller?

Although Hearth & Patio carries the full line of John Henry Spices out of Texas ,and they all sell well, but the most popular is the Pecan Rub. It’s great on Boston Butts and Salmon. The Mojave Garlic rub is excellent on vegetables and chicken. Our Dizzy Pig rubs are also very popular – the Raging River and Dizzy Dust being the most popular.

Are there any misconceptions about any type of grilling that you’d like to clear up?

Consumers think that Charcoal grills are difficult to start and time consuming but in reality it takes the same time to heat up your gas grill as its does to prepare hot charcoal. Scott and Mark both prefer using a lump charcoal as it gives meat a great flavor and keeps the meat moist.