The Queen’s Tonic: Block & Grinder

The Queen'’s Tonic
The Queen'’s Tonic

Jed Kampe’’s Block & Grinder, led by Chef Ben Philpott, has received countless accolades for the fine fare and creative menu and deservedly so. However, this restaurant between Myers Park and Cotswold is quickly becoming a hub for the drink enthusiast searching for a world-class cocktail. This issue, Block & Grinder shares a simple but delicious cocktail– The Queen’’s Tonic. Which is both colorful and incorporates local barrel rested Cardinal Gin, with our readers.

  1.5 oz. Cardinal Barrel Rested Gin
•  .75 oz. Hibiscus Tonic
•  Soda Water
•  1 lime wedge

Measure out each of the ingredients in a jigger and pour into a Collins glass. Fill remainder of glass with soda water. Do not stir. Garnish the glass with lime and serve.

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