You’ve Got To Try The Aix en Provence Lamb Chop Ratatouille

aix en provence

Like any proper ratatouille, the Aix en Provence rendition is built on a base of delicious Roma tomatoes, yellow and green zucchini, eggplant, and bell peppers, seasoned with the requisite cloves and sprigs of garlic and thyme. The vegetables are bound together just densely enough with Chef Nick Tarnate’s delicious purée, but the real beauty and artistry of his ratatouille variation is owed to his addition of New Zealand lamb.

The lamb waits in a warm oven for its defining moment, a whopping six minutes of golden-brown transformation in a sautée skillet before retreating into the oven for a basting finale. Once arrayed over the controlled chaos of vegetable and sauce, this tenderest of red meats completes a classic dish with deep, juicy flavor.  

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