Get Moving Post-Thanksgiving: Head to One of These Unique Local Fitness Classes

Burn Boot Camp
Photos by Jamey Price

Between the holiday season and the cold weather, it’s the perfect time to mix up your fitness routine. Naturally, we love all the family, football and food on Thanksgiving Thursday, but if you’re like us, by now you’re ready to get back up off the couch, too. Every day, Charlotte has more and more fitness options popping up, so whether you enjoy cardio, weights, or even boxing, these dynamic classes will inspire you to stay active, energized and healthy post-holiday dinner. Plus, these unique local classes are just plain fun.


Join the dance aerobics movement with Jazzercise this season. The fun full body workout combines strength, resistance and dance with popular music and cardio-driven moves. Targeting 3 major muscle groups, Dance Mixx is sure to knock up to 800 calories down, increase energy and boost moods during the 60 minute session.
Jazzercise Charlotte Fitness Center | 1600 E. Woodlawn Rd. Ste. 300 |

Cycle & Barre
Mix things up a bit by integrating two powerful practices that both focus on conditioning.’Meet me at the Barre’ is a signature workout at First Wind Cycling in Southend that aims to redefine your full body fit session. Splitting your class time between the bike and the barre is an effective and creative way to snap back into shape and fast!
First Wind Cycling | Design Center, 1930 Camden Road-120 |

Tyger’s Eye
Go for the challenge with this unique class, the only one of its kind in the world. Choose between class durations of 45 minutes to an hour beginning with strength training followed up with hot yoga. Offered at Arrichion, the workout promises personal empowerment and is designed to improve functional endurance.
Arrichion | 125 Winona Street |

Boxing Bootcamp
Take a 30 minute express class at Knockout Fitness Boot Camp and fight calories with a speed total body workout. The high intensity mixture of boxing and bootcamp-style training is ideal for any level and available Monday – Friday.
K.O Fitness | 650 Griffith Road – 110 |

Fusion Yoga
Exercise your mind and your body after the all of the holiday festivities. At Laughing Buddha Yoga Studio, get ready to sweat and refocus with the signature fusion yoga class. Using body bars, dumbbells, gliders and bands, the bootcamp style class will burn lots of calories and tone muscles while simultaneously calming the mind.
Laughing Buddha | 720 Governor Morrison street-140 |