Lenny Boy Kombucha: Four of our Favorite Flavors


Craft beer has all but taken over Charlotte; there are microbreweries on every corner and a healthy competition flourishing amongst Queen City brewers to find the very best flavor combinations. Lenny Boy Brewery found their place in the scene by doing craft beer right, with organic ingredients and a cutting-edge facility. But Lenny Boy also brews up another fermented beverage that the team is perhaps even more well-known for: freshly-bottled kombucha.

Founder Townes Mozer, a Charlotte native, opened Lenny Boy – named for his dog, Lennox – in Charlotte’s South End in 2011.

“The concept really came from a love for fermentation: kombucha, beer, mead, wines and other ferments,” he explains. “Really, I had the drive to combine simple organic ingredients and have the end outcome be something one could not do without that natural process of fermentation.”

All of these locally-brewed and bottled flagship flavors from Townes Mozier of Lenny Boy can be found in local retailers like Whole Foods, Earth Fare, Harris Teeter and Charlotte independents.
(From left to right)
Strawberry: The Strawberry is the gateway kombucha for those new to the beverage and to LennyBoy. It’s a sweet, refreshing blend that tastes like the first bite of that finally fresh berry come spring.
Elite Beet: With its rich, mineral-packed color, the Elite Beet has the earthiness of the root vegetable balanced with a zing of crisp ginger.
Lost Rose: The Lost Rose was Mozier’s answer to the heat of the Southern summer, the natural cooling property of rose petals makes for a refreshing beverage any time of year. It’s a light flavor balanced by the crispness of the fermentation.
Sweet Potato Pie: If the Lost Rose is bottled-up summer, the Sweet Potato Pie is autumn in a bottle. It’s a southern seasonal flavor Lenny Boy serves up through the holidays and into the new year.
Good Ol’ Ginger: Ginger is a powerful immune booster and a gentle digestive aid. The Good Ol’ Ginger is brightly-flavored, crisp, and warming. Ginger lovers rejoice.