Little Spoon Serves Up Their Boozy Antidote Cocktail

Little Spoon

I’ve heard it said that ginger root cures everything, and apparently Little Spoon agrees. Or was that turmeric…? Anyway, back to this Little Spoon cocktail: ginger is one of my favorite flavors on this planet. It’s one of the few things that, in my humble, decidedly non-Asian opinion, improves almost any Asian-inflected dish or beverage. Little Spoon’s Antidote is a ginger cocktail done right, an artful beverage that seems designed to tell your eyes and your tongue different stories.

Fresh ginger and lemon meet honey and bitters in a cocktail that’s as aesthetically minimalistic as it is tastefully complex. And beneath the obvious bite of the root flavor is the Benchmark Old # 8. Because of the citrus and ginger, it sneaks up on you in a way bourbon rarely does.