Navy Hill Fills A Long-Felt Gap in the Cocktail World

navy hill

Born from a rooftop bar in Richmond, VA, Navy Hill’s refreshing mixer line seeks to fill a long-felt gap in the cocktail world. When tonics are too sweet and club soda just isn’t enough, Navy Hill offers a premium blend of the two, creating the perfect complement to any liquor.

As most bar-world ideas begin, Navy Hill’s three founders—Amanda Coulbourn, Jenny Lucas, and Katie Williams—came up with the idea for Navy Hill over drinks. Struggling with the weakness of a vodka soda and the sweetness of a vodka tonic, they asked their bartender to mix the two, a combination she immediately recognized as a “sonic.” Seeing space in the liquor world for a top shelf version of the drink, the trio came up with a brand that paid tribute to the city of Richmond, also known as “The City of Seven Hills.” Named after one of those original hills, Navy Hill launched in June of 2017 and has taken the idea of the sonic and revitalized it into the all-natural mixer they sell today. 


“The beauty of our product is in its simplicity,” notes the Navy Hill founders. “We enjoy it simply poured over our liquor of choice—vodka, gin, tequila, rum, bourbon… anything.”

Navy Hill currently comes in three unique flavors: Ginger, Juniper, and their Original blend. The Original takes on the body of a tonic lightened with grapefruit, cardamom, and lemongrass. Their Ginger offers a lighter alternative to ginger beer, while their Juniper, inspired by the classic Gin and Tonic, encompasses the unique notes of the juniper berry. All flavors are naturally infused with electrolytes, devoid of artificial sweeteners and high fructose corn syrup, and crafted with high-quality ingredients.


Now available in Charlotte, pick up a four-pack of Navy Hill at either of Charlotte’s Reid’s Fine Foods locations and at Bonnie and Bud.