The Crunkleton’s Bourbon Bramble

bourbon bramble
The Crankleton's Bourbon Bramble

Elizabeth’s swankiest bar, The Crunkleton, is known for its behind-the-bar transformation of high end spirits into drinkable art. Their expert mixologists craft a wide variety of cocktails to perfection throughout lunch and dinner rushes. Or guests can choose from a beautiful arrangement of wines and craft beers to pair with Crunkleton’s bites, from oysters to tamales.

One of The Crunkleton’s warm weather staple cocktails is their Bourbon Bramble. It’s a classic (and coolly refreshing) cocktail imported from across the pond. Served over ice, its base when made in London is typically gin and fresh fruit. The Crunkleton took some American liberty with the Bourbon Bramble. The bar Americanizes the drink’s roots with High Proof bourbon, orange blossom, Marasca cherry paste, and a dash of fresh-squeezed lemon. Served in a julep cup, every sip stays cold even when the weather is not.

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