Elite Design Group brings us a perfect summer porch

Summertime on the lake practically demands a perfect porch. This property, on the Jetton Peninsula in Cornelius, was designed by JJ Barja of Elite Design Group and the interior was designed by the owners, Jim Shalvoy and Lorraine Shalvoy.

Jim and Lorraine wanted an English cottage look but with their lot facing the waterfront of Lake Norman, head designer of Elite Design Group JJ Barja wanted to take full advantage of the scenery. He combined a bespoke design with custom architecture, featuring exposed wood beams as well as an old world combination of stone and brick along with a cider shake shingle roof.  

elite design group
To take full advantage of the sweeping Lake Norman view, a covered veranda was designed to make this area of the house inviting and cozy. The porch allows full views of the water, and is a versatile enough space that it can be used for everything from entertaining to serving as a quiet solo coffee nook.