Effortless and Classic Style from Renata Gasparian

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There were two things that led to Renata Gasparian developing a love for fashion. The first was her mother and grandmother who inspired Renata as expressive and strong-minded women. The second was attending Graded, the American School of San Paulo. During her childhood in Brazil’s largest city, Renata became exposed to a world of style that would eventually lead to her immersion in the fashion industry. 

“These two factors certainly influenced and shaped my interests,” Renata says, “and led me into a fashion career that allows me to help others present their look and style which brings me immense satisfaction and gratitude.”

Renata is now the owner of RENATA clothing, a fashion line that brings feminine and classic pieces to women with a mission to inspire them and allow them to express themselves. 

You have over seventeen years of experience in high fashion.

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How did you originally get involved with the industry? 

At 18, I began a most rewarding 17 years with Daslu—at the time, Brazil’s fashion superstore, and a distributor of the best known worldwide luxury brands. Early on, I worked closely with Eliana Tranchesi, then every girl’s dream mentor. I learned so much through her, the team, and the culture of the company. I became part of the main face of Daslu at every major, glamorous fashion show throughout Europe. Soon I was leading the showroom in Paris at the Plaza Athenee. Understandably, I gained a “passion for fashion” in which creativity, sharing, and inspiring style and confidence through this platform have become my way of life.

What inspired you to found RENATA? 

Life has a way of directing us down different, unexpected paths. My husband became the CEO for the company he had been working with for 12 years and that brought us to Charlotte, where it became clear I had to reinvent myself in adapting to a new culture.

This began to bring together all the diverse exposure of growing up personally and professionally. All these things brought clarity to purpose in creating my brand.

How has being a mother affected your work? 

It’s a challenge that has made me stronger. All moms awaken to a new world; one where we strive to achieve, yet, maintain balance. Hard! My mother, who continues to inspire me, encouraged me with this: Take care of yourself first so that you can take care of your children. This mantra comforts me and promotes understanding that following my dreams helps to achieve satisfaction in both my personal and professional life. My mother’s mantra is my mantra and the mantra that encourages our purpose, our “why” of a pay it forward empowerment that we hope other women will find and also share through connection with RENATA.

renata fabric

What are the challenges one must overcome to be involved in high fashion? 

It’s becoming ever more important to people to not just buy and consume. Buy quality pieces that will take you through transitions of activities, day and night, and even that travel well… Connecting is an added value. There is nothing as gratifying as your client telling others about the wonderful experience of wearing your clothes, or sharing that they felt special with each and every compliment they received. And most of all, putting their trust in me and my designs. I really am so grateful!

Who is your target demographic? 

The RENATA woman is feminine and not looking to us for trendy pieces, but rather classics that are timeless pieces, yet with my touch of modern expression. My fashion; her style. I love and want to reflect this Vera Wang quote: “I want people to see the dress, but focus on the woman.”

How do you describe your personal style? 

I’m the kind of woman who likes to be a maximalist in a minimalistic way. I like to wear flowy things, I like to look fresh. But I also like to add belts, jewelry, and details that add to my outfit and match my personality. I like to wear something different or wear a style in a different way. I like to challenge myself. And I like to express myself, and inspire others to do the same.


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