Everything Golden at The Golden Carrot

the golden carrot

There has been a furor in the food industry over the past few years for independent restaurants that source locally. In Charlotte, particularly, they seem to be having a moment. And although this eat local mentality has trickled to the “shop local” slogan too, the independent retail sector in the Queen City still has plenty of room to grow. 

Nicole Corriher is here to change that with her stylish, made-for-the-modern-shopper, fine jewelry boutique, The Golden Carrot.


The Golden Carrot’s first home was in Hoboken, New Jersey in 2015. But the shop moved to Charlotte when Corriher and her husband decided it was time for a change. They found a home in Charlotte, where Corriher’s husband already had familial roots. And they brought The Golden Carrot in all its glory with them.

the golden carrot

The Effervescence Within

Stepping into The Golden Carrot’s space at Atherton Mill feels a little like entering a modern day fairytale. A gentle blush hue mingles with white in a cloud-like wall treatment, which swaths a delicate balance of antique and contemporary furniture and decor. Pearl earring light fixtures cast a warm glow over mid-century modern armchairs. An antique brass floor mirror reflects the pink light of a neon sign proclaiming “Fresh Carats.” 

It’s the perfect welcoming and opening ambience for visitors basking in the glow of the shop’s ethereal jewelry. 


“I want people to browse and feel an effervescence of excitement as they discover and fall in love with the pieces they will treasure for a lifetime,” says Corriher.

the golden carrot
Nicole Corriher

In the textured display cases, shoppers will discover 18k, 14k, or sterling silver jewelry. They’ll find pieces inlaid with diamonds, semi-precious gemstones, or precious gemstones. Every piece has been hand selected by Corriher. 

“I was such a jewelry fanatic prior to opening The Golden Carrot that I had become very familiar with many of the indie designers that I now carry in the shop.”

Most of the designers are based in New York City or Los Angeles, with a smattering of Canadian artists. 

Although each designer has their own style, there’s a cohesive general aesthetic to the jewelry Corriher carries. Pieces are primarily delicate in design and modern in fashion, guaranteed to dazzle and delight. “I like to call our selection ‘modern heirlooms,’” explains Corriher. “These are the pieces that will resonate with you and your style today, and are designs that will transcend time, continuing to be worn and loved generation after generation.”

the golden carrot

In addition to jewelry, The Golden Carrot is a destination for gift items and bath and body products. Plus this boutique offers fun events (like ear piercings parties), too.

“Whether it’s a delicate ring dish that is really like magical works of art, or a nourishing face balm that has been my own personal healing skin savior, I strive to carry only products and pieces that I myself have used, enjoyed, and fallen for,” explains Corriher. 

The Golden Carrot has set an outstanding example of what specialty local shops can and should be. Here’s hoping more Charlotteans will hop along behind Corriher. 

In the meantime, follow Corriher’s parting advice for curating your personal jewelry collection: “Jewelry is intimate, and each piece will resonate differently person-to-person. As long as you love it, that adoration will translate into a style that is entirely your own.”