Layne Barter Brings Makeup and Skincare to the Queen City

Layne Barter

It’s not simple to turn a passion into a career, but in a few short years, Layne Barter has done exactly that. She’s taken what was once a small side hobby and transformed it into a full-time business that clients—especially bride-to-be’s— just can’t get enough of. Layne Barter Makeup ensures that every client finishes their appointment happy, healthy, and ready for their big day.

Layne Barter

When Barter knows that her client is comfortable and her needs are met, she has no qualms about doing a little extra and traveling to the bridal party.

One thing you don’t want to be on your wedding day is stressed,” says Barter. “Me coming to the bride on the day of the wedding eliminates that.

       Now a member of Lindsey Regan Thorne’s Be Pretty team, Barter spends just as much time enhancing a bride’s beauty as she does making sure they know what’s going on their skin. While she specializes in giving clients a natural glow, Barter constantly educates herself on new trends and techniques, allowing her to meet the needs of all kinds of styles, skin tones, and ethnicities. Book an appointment with Layne Barter Makeup and let her turn your special day into a perfect one.