Charlotte’s Ethnic Sweet Treats Are A Welcome Addition To The City’s Dessert Offerings

Maple Bacon Bars
Photo Courtesy of Suarez Bakery

It’s that time of year when we’re craving all of our favorite sweet treats. Something about the temperature drop and the impending holiday season makes us want to curl up with a hot cup of coffee and a slice of something fresh out of the oven. And while we love our staples – apple pie, vanilla cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies – but where would we be without our favorite ethnic bakeries of Charlotte?

Serving up traditional versions of everything from baklava to cannolis and tres leche cake, you might find that your newest favorite dessert has yet to be discovered.

And what better time than to discover a new treat you love? Whether you need a gift to bring to a holiday party or one to put on your own table for Thanksgiving, Charlotte has a whole variety of ethnic bakeries that are making one unique, fantastic sugary concoction after another.

Suarez Bakery: Everything from the fresh, buttery Cuban bread to the maple bacon bar is a delight at Suarez. This Park Road gem takes custom orders and makes a variety of traditional holiday treats. They do special twists and classics, with everything flavor profile you can imagine.

Las Delicias Bakery: Located over on Central Avenue, this traditional-style Mexican bakery has all kinds of sweet breads, doughnuts, tarts, and custom cakes for your next event. If you haven’t had a Mexican-style dessert, go for the tres leche every time.

Nona’s Sweets: This bakery and cafe bills itself as “an old-world, from-scratch” bakery, using recipes from their nonas generations past. They offer all the best Italian classics: cannolis, sfogliatelles and napoleans as well as custom-cakes and other cookies and sweets.

Panaderia El Quetzal: As the only Guatemalan bakery in the Queen City, you’re almost guaranteed to get to taste something you’ve never had before. It’s a small, hidden spot but the unique pastries are can’t miss.

Tropical Bakery Cafe: This Brazilian bakery incorporates Portuguese and Spanish cuisine and makes everything from scratch. The doces, tortas, salgados, and paes are made to order and fresh. If you haven’t yet tried Brazilian breads, this is the spot.

Chanelle Cake: In the Grand Asia Market, this Chinese/Taiwanese bakery, owned by Jenny Chen and Alice Chang, serves up baked and steamed buns, breads, egg custard tarts and a whole variety of pastries. They also feature all kinds of savory treats like barbecue pork buns, scallion bread, and Chinese-style hot dogs.