What Comes Next for House of Nomad Design?

house of nomad
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Every design firm needs a core style that sets it apart from others. Firms need a sense of self that makes their work both recognizable and desirable. While some firms take years to find a balance between accentuating a client’s choices and showcasing their own look, others seem to know just what they want to be known for from the very beginning. House of Nomad has always been the latter instead of the former.

For the past five years, House of Nomad founders Berkeley Minkhorst and Kelley Lentini have been serving clients throughout the Southeast. And they do so while maintaining their iconic modern and travel-centric identity. Born from the idea that travel fosters creativity, Minkhorst and Lentini wanted to design styles that felt global and drew on their own experiences in other countries. By sourcing textiles, furniture, art, and décor from their various trips abroad, the duo has been able to create designs that look unlike any others throughout the Charlotte area and beyond.

house of nomad
Photo credit Laura Sumrak

Signature Style

“Over the years, we’ve really honed in on our signature HON style, which is a modern-global take on interior design…” note the designers. “Additionally, we have sourced more vintage pieces than ever before which. When blended with modern decor and furniture, this allows a space to really transcend eras.”

That signature House of Nomad design, complete with layered textures and stunning patterns, can be found in all kinds of spaces, from eclectic bedrooms and modern offices to local bars and co-working buildings.

As House of Nomad continues to work with families and businesses in Charlotte, the design firm also continues to look toward a bright future.

“It’s crazy how big our team has grown in comparison to when we first started,” recalls Minkhorst and Lentini. “We’ve learned to shift priorities, think bigger picture and let go of juggling every little thing.”

house of nomad
Photo credit Laura Sumrak

Home Expansion

Minkhorst and Lentini have already made moves to expand their reach. In 2019, they opened their first flagship store in the middle of Charlotte, NC. In October of 2020, they opened a second store in Charleston, SC. Now, they are moving their Charlotte design studio and shop into a brand new, combined space in SouthPark. It is projected to open in the fall of 2022. These stores not only serve as hubs for potential clients to learn about their services, but also as places for Minkhorst and Lentini to sell one-of-a-kind items. These products through partnerships with artisans from abroad. They’re now currently partnering with artisans in over 20 countries, and they’ve expanded their teams to match the workload.

“Now, we have an incredibly talented team of 18 that continues to grow!” says the duo. “We have added a marketing department, an operations and sales team for the shops, several design assistants and full-time installers.”

With their unique sense of style and determination to bring authenticity to every space they design, the demand for House of Nomad’s designers likely isn’t going away anytime soon. In fact, their recent partnership with clothing and home décor store Anthropologie shows just how far they’re going. The duo is selling their own HON-designed wallpaper and textile collection through the major, national brand collaboration. This growth and recognition puts them in an excellent position to keep doing what they do best as they usher in another five years of exciting expansion and success.


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