South End Restaurant YUNTA Serves Up Japanese Meets Peruvian Food In Charlotte NC

South End Restaurant YUNTA Serves Up Japanese Meets Peruvian Food In Charlotte NC

The owners of YUNTA are no strangers to creating a compelling dining experience. Their last restaurant venture with Viva Chicken is clear proof of that. The restaurant is some of the best Peruvian food in Charlotte NC. It’s bold flavors and casual atmosphere made it wildly successful far beyond the city of Charlotte. So, when the group set their sights on creating YUNTA, their new restaurant in South End Charlotte, they already knew what they needed in their recipe for success. Those ingredients are apparent right when guests walk through the door.

The Yunta Experience

First, they’ll take in a beautiful upscale restaurant with clear Peruvian and Japanese influences throughout the dining space. Before being seated, they’ll be hit with the amazing smell of fresh food and spices that all pack a punch. Traditional Peruvian music will add an air of excitement to the experience. Meanwhile, the exceptionally trained waitstaff will guide each guest through food and drink menus unlike any other in Charlotte.

Pork Belly At YUNTA Charlotte Restaurant In South End

That’s the vision that Bruno Macchiavello, Alvaro Carrillo, and Randy and Cynthia Garcia had of YUNTA. And that’s exactly what they’ve brought to life. YUNTA, a restaurant built upon the Quechuan word for “friend,” was created to spread happiness, generosity, and gratitude, all while showing guests what happens when cultures intertwine in the kitchen.

Yunta - Japanese Peruvian food In Charlotte NC
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“A lot of our dishes are Peruvian. But what makes them unique is the Japanese influence on them,” notes co-owner Randy Garcia. “It’s such a unique cuisine that requires high skill and knowledge. So many dishes have so many different sauces that we have to have someone in our kitchen whose only job is sauce making.” 

From The Makers Of Viva Chicken, Elevated Peruvian Food In Charlotte NC

A Colorful Dish At South End Charlotte Restaurant YUNTA

Going from creating a casual dining environment in Viva Chicken to an upscale one in YUNTA sounds like it’d be a daunting task, but not to Garcia and the others. According to Garcia, they built YUNTA with the same foundation and values as Viva Chicken: “Passion for food, obsession for five-star service, and a love for people.” 

YUNTA takes that love and the experiences from Viva Chicken and expands upon them. As a result, Yunta encompasses a much broader look at Peruvian cuisine.

Yunta Japanese Meets Peruvian Food In Charlotte NC

“Viva Chicken specializes in chicken,” says Garcia. “With YUNTA, we wanted to bring another style of Peruvian food to Charlotte. Nikkei cuisine has been around Peru for hundreds of years. We felt it was time for us to get back into the full-service restaurant space while showcasing this incredible type of cuisine.”

Perfecting the menu for their Nikkei showcase took nearly a year of trial and error. They constantly tweaked dishes until the owners unanimously approved. Ultimately, they narrowed things down to 50 menu items—35 on the current menu and 15 for their seasonal specials. From their current menu, guests can eat their way through Peru and Japan with a variety of ceviche dishes, tiraditos, nigiri, and more. Guests can pair their entrées with a glass of sake from the restaurant’s curated list or even try a specialty pisco cocktail. 

YUNTA is open for both walk-ins and reservations—just don’t forget to bring a few friends.

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