The Dynamic Duo Behind Grande Custom Builders

grande custom founders

Grande Custom Builders is one of Charlotte’s top luxury custom home builders and has earned a reputation for detail-oriented designs and re-designs that stand the test of time.

At the helm of Grande Custom Builders are husband and wife John and Jenna Jackovich, who have been working together since 2008. Their combined expertise, with John as a builder and Jenna as a designer, along with their natural synergy results in the perfect professional blend.

What exactly is the work relationship like for you two? 

Jenna: It’s the perfect husband/wife work relationship. We’re together but we’re not! Our roles are different enough that we collaborate when we need to and can also give each other the space and trust to do what we do best.

How would you describe the style or aesthetic of Grande?

Jenna: I would say the style is classic modern. It’s a clean aesthetic that still feels warm and inviting. We mostly build in Charlotte, but have expanded to Lake Norman at times and would always explore the opportunity to build elsewhere.

Tell us about the impetus behind Grande Custom. 

John: I always knew I wanted to own my own construction company and be a builder. 2007 presented an opportunity. Even during the worst economy in decades, I decided to run with it. 

Jenna, tell us about your staging work.

Jenna: With a background in fashion and textile design, home staging and interiors was a natural progression. Staging is so much fun because it’s an immediate gratification. A house can be transformed within half a day, and it satisfies my creative brain. I enjoy being able to take a beautiful house to the next level and give an aspirational vision to homeowners.

John, tell us what your day-to-day work with Grande looks like now. How has that changed or evolved? 

John: I’m continually checking in with the project management team and office and doing field visits with homeowners. Talking with potential clients on new builds, networking, and finding vacant property for custom specs is also always happening behind the scenes.

I used to do everything. Now, I have a great team in place to communicate with subcontractors, run jobs, and manage the office. It frees up my time to talk with homeowners and be in the field, which is honestly what I love the best.

What makes Grande unique? 

Jenna: It’s powerful to be a builder/designer duo. I can help with the design details, inspiration, and general aesthetics. John can make all those ideas happen.

What have been a few of your favorite or most memorable projects?

Jenna: Our first on Shenandoah has a special place in our hearts. We built this craftsman bungalow eight years ago, but it still looks current when we look at photos. Scotland is another home that was gorgeous and allowed us to take some design risks that we still feel good about.

What do you both love about the home industry? Why?

Jenna: We love creating a beautiful product from the ground up. Also, clients are so educated now that it becomes a fun process to collaborate and feed off each other. The end result is usually something great. At the end of the day, we love what we do and take a lot of pride in it.

What are some of the upsides of owning your own business, and what are the challenges?

Jenna: We have the freedom to choose and do what we want, but at the same time we hold all of the risk. But, I welcome it and wouldn’t have it any other way!