The Grace of Southern Style

Phoebe Howard's Room by Room

Phoebe Howard is an internationally acclaimed interior designer and author. Howard’s design studios, Mrs. Howard and Max & Company, have locations in Atlanta, Jacksonville, and right here in Charlotte. Each one of these locations showcase Howard’s natural talents for buying, merchandising, and decorating in a traditional, yet fresh approach. Her first book, Joy of Decorating, took the design world by storm. In its pages, Howard showcased several of her largest interior design projects covering a wide variety of themes, from designs that are inviting, inspiring, timeless, and graceful to tranquil, casual, and comfortable. Organizing the book into these themes gave readers an intimate view into Howard’s process.

A look inside Room by Room
A look inside Room by Room

Her follow-up, Room By Room, was much anticipated by design enthusiasts throughout the south and beyond. In its pages, Howard delves even deeper into the interior design world. Taking readers literally room by room Howard’s new book reveals the essentials to transforming each of your spaces. From the living room to the library; from the kid’s room to the outdoor spaces; readers will be inspired with Southern grace and charm.

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