Come On In: Traci Zeller’s Breakfast Room

Traci Zeller's Breakfast Room
Photos by Dustin Peck

Designer Traci Zeller says her breakfast room is one of her favorite spots in her home—with two large walls of windows, the room gets an abundance of sunlight flooding inside. “This room has a French sensibility, and that makes my soul happy,” Zeller smiles.The breakfast space is elegant but casual with its sophisticated faux ostrich upholstery and the round table that easily seats eight people. The large abstract painting by Jane Booth anchors the wall to balance the windows. And—because designers think of everything—Traci says there’s no need to fret about the art fading because the windows have UV filters. The chairs also add interest to the room with the vintage vibe. “There’s real beauty in the imperfection of the distressed finish…and then who cares if the finish gets even more distressed?” Zeller reflects. “My family really uses this room, and that’s how it should be.”