Product of the Week: Gold Necklace by Erin McDermott

Erin McDermott White, the founder of Erin McDermott Jewelry, is the creative force behind this beautiful piece of handcrafted jewelry. From her home studio in Charlotte, she puts her signature fresh, modern spin on timeless classics and unique pieces that can be worn effortlessly all throughout the day.

This delicate gold chain necklace is a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, birthdays, or any other occasion.

“I can engrave any word, motto, date, initial, or coordinate into the necklace,” McDermott says. “I hammer each gold bar to create texture. I use a special hammer with a ball on the back, so that it creates a little divot look – I can also use a sandpaper Dremel to give it a brushed texture look. Then, I have several different stamps with a letter on each stamp. I position the letter using painters tape so that it lines up straight on each bar and I stamp the custom word on the disc. Afterward, I attach the disc to the chain using thin gold wire.”
The simple statement piece has been one of her best sellers recently, Erin says, because many of her clients have chosen special words to keep in mind for the year – a sort of motto to keep close to their heart. Carve something meaningful into this stylish, everyday staple for your mother, sister, significant other, or dear friend.
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