All Day Enjoyment with Time-Saving Appliances From Sub-Zero & Wolf

Sub-Zero Wolf Appliances

Sub-Zero is making our lives easier this summer with some easy yet luxurious upgrades to our cooking spaces.

Innovative technology, refined design and unbeatable quality make Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove appliances a must-have for kitchens and outdoor spaces.

Sub-Zero recognizes that there are two essentials when it comes to having a successful summer: Starting your day right with a nice cup of coffee and ending it with a yummy outdoor meal.

They have made this possible by introducing the New Wolf Built-In Coffee System so that you can craft a perfect cup of coffee or tea from the comfort of your own home, as well as featuring the Wolf Outdoor Grill making grilling the reason for the season.

Take a few extra moments to enjoy a professional-quality, customized beverage with the help of the Wolf Built-In Coffee System. The new system features:

Full-Color Touchscreen

The simple to use full-color touchscreen allows users to set up unique profiles where they can easily save their favorite drinks. With 15+ beverages with customization options, everyone in the family can have their beverage of choice at the touch of their fingertips.

Professional-Style Burr Grinder with Grind Adjustment

Sub-Zero’s professional-style burr grinder with grind adjustment accepts whole beans or ground coffee, so you can have your favorite coffee brewed to perfection. Gone are the times when you would order the same thing from the coffee shop, yet somehow it tastes different every time.

Insulated Milk Container with Froth Regulator

Easily customize every aspect of your beverage, including type, strength, temperature, quantity, and milk preference, with the Sub-Zero’s built-in insulated milk container.

Easy Installation

Featuring an 84.5-ounce water tank with no water lines required makes the New Wolf Built-In Coffee System easy to install nearly anywhere.

Self-Cleaning System

Hidden behind an elegant exterior is Sub-Zero’s self-cleaning system and rinse container, which utilizes a care kit, descaling solution, and a charcoal filter to make cleaning as simple as turning a knob. 

Dual Dispensing Coffee Spout

The height-adjustable dual dispensing coffee spout easily adjusts to the height of your cup, giving you the right amount of coffee each time. 

With a variety of sizes to fit your home, the 24” Built-In Coffee System pairs perfectly with the Cup Warming Drawer for when you need to reheat your drink.

The New Wolf Built-In Coffee System also features discreet in-unit storage and is made of premium materials to blend seamlessly with the rest of Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove’s suite of modern appliances. 

Wolf Outdoor Grills
Open the door to more life and more moments worth savoring with Sub-Zero and Wolf outdoor kitchen appliances. 

Nuanced Temperature Control

Wolf outdoor grills specialize in nuanced temperature control—the key to successful grilling. The grills utilize LED-lit signature Wolf red control knobs for grilling at any time of the day.

The precise high to low-temperature control lets you masterfully grill anything from mouthwatering ribeyes to enticingly crosshatched vegetables.

Seamless Design

With impeccable design, Wolf Outdoor Grills can be built-in or made into a free-standing cart. A built-in rotisserie rack allows for the perfectly cooked chicken every time. 


The stainless-steel construction provides heavy-duty and all-weather-resistant protection against the elements.

Wolf Outdoor Grills features a wide range of accessories giving you everything you need to customize your grill from large backyard barbeques to summer family dinners.

To start revamping your kitchen and outdoor space with Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove’s functional and beautiful appliances, make an appointment to visit the Charlotte Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove showroom at their new South End location here. Their experts are dedicated to understanding your home’s needs and will help you make the best decisions on creating your dream kitchen and outdoor space.

In partnership with Sub-Zero, Wolf & Cove