Kendra White explores intricate and elegant design with Pheasant Hill Design

Pheasant Hill Designs

Our chat with Kendra Tardif White of Charlotte’s very own Pheasant Hill Design.

It’s a well-constructed space that has the ability to convey who you are. Done right, your personality or attitude can shine through any room in your home, almost expertly from the moment you step into it. No one knows this better than Kendra White, the skillful designer behind Pheasant Hill Designs. 

Her affinity for design began at a young age by playing with her Barbies and Dreamhouse. Her passion hasn’t stopped since and today Kendra designs for the local community, in areas such as Ballantyne, South Park, and Myers Park. 

Kendra has perfected striking the right balance between elegance and functional, all without compromising on comfort. Her work has produced some of the most visually stunning designs in the Charlotte area and she seamlessly portrays a client’s desires to create a well-loved space. 

Photo: Erin Comerford

Why did you want to open your own interior design studio?

I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit. While I admire many designers’ work, I felt that placing my personal stamp on things was important to me. Having had experience in corporate America in terms of project management really helped me give our projects organization and workflow. I like to think that while I am pretty much right-brain dominant, there is just enough of the left side to keep things moving smoothly. 

What are trends you think will last a long time or have already lasted a while?

I think that living in a more open “free-flowing” space is going to continue to be important to homeowners. People don’t want to be separated by walls in their common living areas. I think that natural light is a lot more important to folks than it used to be which is leading to much larger window formats in new construction as well as remodeling. Glass is King! Whether it be for front doors, windows, room dividers, wine rooms, etc. 

Photo: Erin Comerford

What would you tell someone hiring a designer for the first time?

One of the most important things would be for you to feel like you’ve connected with the designer (follow your gut) and they have a clear understanding of what your end goal is. A good designer should be able to guide you through the process while still making it fun! You are paying for advice so I recommend listening to your designer; if they feel really strongly about something, they are probably right.  

What are the top things you want your designs to achieve for clients?

We want to solve a problem if it’s a remodeling project. We want to add beauty and serenity and allow the home to reflect the homeowner to the best of our ability.

Where do you find new ideas? 

Instagram is a fantastic platform to find inspiration! I could spend the entire day going through other creatives’ pages! There is a never-ending supply of amazingly creative folks all over this planet. Instagram delivers them to our doorstep. Also walking through showrooms, whether fabric, tiles, carpet; and making a mental note of things to use on future projects. 

What is your favorite type of room to design?

We truly love it all! We feel very blessed to have such variety in our work. If I had to pick just one thing it would probably be kitchen design. Being an avid cook, I love to lay out a kitchen in a logical format but make it beautiful at the same time. Form must follow function. It doesn’t matter how beautiful a space is, if it doesn’t work effortlessly, it has failed. 

Who are some local vendors you work with?

Some of our favs are Walker Zanger, Ferguson, Palmetto Tile, AGM Imports, and Stark Carpets. 

What are your favorite design tips anyone can do?

Incorporating different textures in a design is really critical. What creates interest in a room is mixing things that you might not think to do to create a well thought out feel. Wallpaper has made a huge comeback and we love the impact it can have even in tiny space. Lighting also a really great way to transform a space…a well-placed sconce or a fantastic chandelier can work wonders!

written by Jeannette Jones