Lucy and Company Design at Lake Toxaway

Lucy and company

At right around three hours from Charlotte, Lake Toxaway is a 640-acre oasis in a naturally preserved mountain setting. This beautiful backdrop was the stage for a full-home overhaul by Beth Keim, the owner of Lucy and Company. The goal between designer and client was to create a vacation getaway. The goal of the updated version was to provide an open floor plan with oversized windows that embrace natural views.

The home clocks in at 4,500 square feet. There are four bedrooms, a bunk room, five bathrooms, two large living spaces and a pool room. This property, located on the top of the mountain overlooking the valley and Lake Toxaway, already had a stunning view. It was the design team’s primary goal to showcase this view. To that end, they pushed out the upstairs porch to allow for an all-around view and to more seamlessly integrate the indoors and outdoors. The former doors and windows were all replaced in the main living space with much larger ones. 

Lucy and company

Mountain Chic

The resulting look after months of work is a classic yet modern take on mountain chic. Keim maintained a good mix of old and new. She kept the home relaxed and comfortable but with a brighter, cleaner aesthetic. She achieved this in part by the main paint color throughout, Sherwin-Williams Alabaster White.

“It was such a joy working with this client,” Keim shared. “They really trusted my style choices and let me run with the vision. I was so happy to help create a little bit of heaven for this amazing family.”

Another design decision was to relocate the interior stairwell, which once blocked the lake view. Now, the home boasts a side “spiral” stairwell custom-made by Charlotte-based wood/metal fabricator 2dash1.

Lucy and company

The original rock fireplace reaching to the vaulted ceiling was preserved, and the vaulted ceiling, which was once all wood, was repainted white. The beams were re-stained to a darker walnut color to move away from the red stain previously in the house. Lucy and Company pushed out the kitchen for more space and for another room that could incorporate larger windows, as well. The new modern mountain design pays homage to its old self while layering in lighter colors and plenty of textures and unique pieces.  

Outside, Keim knew she wanted to change the outdoor color to a dark one, and used the rich tone of Benjamin Moore Iron Mountain to blend in with the surroundings. The new back porch ceiling is now a deep, dark brown, as well.

The spiral stairs and banisters are 2dash1. Jacob Wolfe, also of Charlotte, did all the new cabinets, while Ferguson supplied all the appliances, and Phillip Jeffries sourced the wallpaper. Ashley Mullis installed the wallpaper. Sherrill Furniture (Keim shares that the homeowner works for the company) provided most of the new furniture. The design team mixed in several locally “found” pieces from Nave in Charlotte and Textures and Schwung in High Point. Artists Ron Royals and Gina Cochran provided the art.