R & R

Achieve that rustic look with reclaimed and re-purposed items made by the best artisans in the city or found everywhere from estate sales to old barns.

Vintage Crates & Trunks

If you are trying to achieve an authentic rustic feel your accessories and knick knacks should be displayed in a rustic way and there are no better containers than vintage milk crates, Coca-Cola crates, or tin and wire crates. You can also stack crates and create a unique bookshelf. For the items that you want to store away, like blankets and photo albums, antique trunks offer a great solution. All of these options are available at places like The Sleepy Poet but you can also find them at yard and estate sales if you keep your eyes peeled. For those that want to purchase new crates that have a vintage touch (although they may not be nearly as well made) stores like HomeGoods offer quite the selection.

Rustic Barn doors

If you want to add an extra dimension to an entryway in your home than there is no better option than a barn door. Barn doors are not as easy to come by as they used to be, nor as cheap, but you can find them at a variety of places, from antique consignment stores and places like Restoration Hardware to the source itself: country farms with barns. Whichever way you find yours, once you add it to your entryway with a classic sliding hardware kit, your room undergoes quite the dramatic change – an artistic quality no matter if the door is open or closed.

Pallet Wood

If you are a do-it-yourselfer, pallet wood is a cheap way to add a rustic feel to your space. Finding pallets is relatively easy as most people are willing to give them to you. You can craft all kinds of simple furniture pieces from end tables to coffee tables with them. You can also fix them to your wall and change a space entirely, adding a rugged, natural look to your room.

Rocking Chairs

Nothing reminds you of the south more than someone reading a good book on the front porch, sweet tea in hand, soaking up the fall air, while rocking in a fine rocking chair. There is something nostalgic and enviable about that image. If you are interested in purchasing one of the finest rocking chairs we have ever seen, check out the detailed works of Shamrock Wood Studio. Michael McKee’s fine woodworking combines precision with amazing lines and surprising functionality and durability. Visit Shamrock Wood Studio online at www.shamrockwoodstudio.com.

Antique Cupboards

Antique Cupboards bring an old-fashioned touch to today’s modern kitchen. They can be painted or refinished to match your space. Beautiful chabby chic styles have gotten very popular. Antique pie safes with punched tin accents make for a classic statement piece in any Southern home. There are several great places in Charlotte to locate a fine antique or chabby chic antique cupboard including Nadeau on South Boulevard.

Barnwood Tables

The look of reclaimed wood when used on almost any furniture design adds an extra touch of character, but there is something extra special about the use of reclaimed wood when building a beautiful, large dining table. The imperfections and tones of the wood create a beautiful aesthetic and the strength and durability of the aged wood creates a functionality that is nearly unmatched. For some of the most beautiful reclaimed wood tables in Charlotte contact the folks at 2nd Story Wood Co. at 2ndstorywood.com.

Vintage Windows

Old windows can be used for a variety of interesting DIY projects. Mounting antique window panes to the walls in front of family photos makes for a unique frame. Attaching window panes to a coffee table completely transforms your tabletop.